Daily exercise and stretch routine for the full body!

Designed by specialists for training science and recovery! 

Workout program for best flexibility, fitness and health. Get your gym and home workout plan on your phone.

Benefits of the ELAVAIT General Health and Fitness Program

🍎 Exercises routine for the whole body, especially abs and back

🏄‍♀️The right stretches to increase flexibility

📆Daily workout and stretching (recovery) plan

🤳Easy to follow videos with explanations

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What others say about us…

The app is very simple to use and couldn’t be any more straight forward and easier to use. I simply need to open the app, go to the “today view” and see exactly what I need to do.

I like that the app has my health and well-being in focus and not tells me to use any unrealistic weights or exercises. The exercises seem very carefully chosen and perfectly selected for me. I never had the feeling, that any given exercise was too easy or too hard to do and after every workout day, I feel fantastic. The workouts are great and changing often, so it doesn’t get boring. 

I really like that they have recovery days which show me specialised stretch and foam roller exercises to support my workout progress and prevents injuries.

To sum it up, the whole app feels highly personalised and tailored specifically for me. I only needed to choose my fitness goal and everything else was taken care of from A to Z.


London, UK

Why ELAVAIT is unique and why it will work for you!

Problem: Our bodies are complex systems

  • The “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for the human body
  • Each body is unique and needs an individual approach
  • Without a plan which is tailored to your needs, you are trapped in a trial and error loop and rely on luck to figure out what works for you
  • Professional help is expensive and rare. Specialists are hard to find and most of the time not affordable.

Just ask yourself: When was the last time you bought a pair of shoes without knowing the size, colour, material or manufacturer – simply for the reason that you wanted to buy a pair of shoes? Never! So why would you treat your body like that and just try out a diet or training program simply because you wanted to change something?

The Solution: Personal Health!

  • We are a team of specialists who have worked at the Olympic Games 2012 in London, with the German national football team and competed in international competitions on our own
  • We have more than 20 years of experience combined in training science, recovery and sports nutrition
  • ELAVAIT creates a 100% personal training plan for you. Tailored to your personal needs, medical history, current fitness level and experience
  • It doesn’t matter if you have never worked out before or if you are an experienced athlete. You can start with ELAVAIT at any time, even without having access to a gym.
  • Try ELAVAIT for 2 weeks for free, without any obligations or payment!

The combination is crucial!

Many people underestimate how important the perfectly balanced combination of training and recovery is. The combination is completely natural for professional athletes and their training progress.

ELAVAIT combines both elements to a unique plan which is tailored to your medical history, fitness level, experience and your personal fitness goal. Your ELAVAIT PRO Plan is as unique as you are and changes with your progress and your advancements during the training.

You will always train with the right intensity and recover in the best way possible. Period.


The right training is not only about lifting weights. It’s also about when to set the right impulse with the right stimulus and how to connect related muscle groups and support their function. The perfect workout doesn’t let you feel sore and is not too easy for you. It is 100% tailored to your personal fitness goal, your unique body composition, and based on science and proven research.


Most of the time underestimated, but it makes all the difference to your training effort. It supports quick muscle recovery, flexibility, and muscle growth. As one part of the recovery, we are focusing heavily on sleep and how it affects your workout quality and overall well-being. Without the right recovery, you are more likely to injure yourself and make less progress with your training effort.

Personal Training & Recovery Plan


  Expert Knowledge from the Olympic Games and professional athletes

  100% personalised plans tailored to your unique needs

  Comprehensive, all-inclusive workout and recovery plans

  Intelligent Training Plans which adjust according to your exercise load and recovery needs

  Start wherever you are, whenever you want. No gym or prior knowledge required

  Train right! We automatically exclude exercises which can be potentially harmful to you

  Try ELAVAIT PRO 2 weeks for free! No strings attached; no obligation required to continue with a paid subscription.

Get 2 weeks for free.  Afterwards USD 0.43 per day only!

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