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We’re lucky to have enthusiastic athletes such as you who care about ELAVAIT as much as we do. We will never get tired of hearing your feedback during an endurance workout or a recovery day.

This form sends your suggestion straight to the innovation team at ELAVAIT. But, before you submit your idea, be sure to read the Terms of Use carefully. Once you tell us your idea, it can be freely used by ELVAIT. Whether we use your idea or not, we’re grateful for your enthusiasm to make our app the best it can be!


PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING: If you have a question about supportinvestor relations, or media relations, click on those links. This area isn’t designed to handle those requests, and your comments will unfortunately go unanswered.

Terms of Use

  1. ELAVAIT receives a lot of ideas. While we wish we could answer each submission, it is not possible and you may not hear back from us.
  2. The idea you submit will not be considered confidential, and ELAVAIT may share your idea with others.
  3. By submitting your idea to ELAVAIT, you grant ELAVAIT a perpetual, royalty-free and irrevocable license to use it for any purpose. You should not expect to receive anything in payment for submitting your idea to ELAVAIT.
  4. You acknowledge ELAVAIT is free to use your idea for any purpose, such as enhancements to its products. ELAVAIT may modify, change or adapt your idea for other purposes. ELAVAIT will solely determine if and how your idea should be implemented.
  5. ELAVAIT is not obligated to enter into any further agreements with you, nor do we provide credit for ideas submitted, or owe you anything in exchange for your idea.
  6. Please note it is possible ELAVAIT may have already considered or implemented an idea that is similar to what you submit.
  7. Submitting your idea does not make you a ELAVAIT employee, associate or business partner.
  8. This agreement is the only agreement between you and ELAVAIT, and it is the complete agreement between you and ELAVAIT. There is no other secret or super-secret agreement promising you anything different.